Disney Global Ride Challenge: Man completes goal to visit 12 parks in 12 days, riding 216 attractions

One man can officially scratch visiting every Disney theme park in the world off of his bucket list.

Nathan Firesheets, an avid Disney fan, successfully completed his Disney Global Ride Challenge – which was to visit 12 Disney parks in 12 days.

FOX 35 News introduced you to Firesheets when he set off on this trek across the globe last week. 

He started the challenge at Disneyland Paris, then it was off to Shanghai Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland.

He documented his journey on social media and on Sunday night it came to a finish at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. He rode more than 200 rides in total. 

"Twelve days ago, I set out to ride every operating ride at all 12 Disney parks around the world. I started with the Orbitron at Disneyland Paris and tonight I finished with the Astro Orbiter at the Magic Kingdom, ride number 216. Twelve parks, 12 days. The Disney Global Ride Challenge is complete," Firesheets said in a video posted on Twitter. 

Thank you so much, everybody. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate all the love and support," he added.