Political mailers target Volusia County school board candidate

Two political mailers going around to Volusia County voters attack a school board candidate. Voters are used to mudslinging, but this time it's different as these ads have profanity.

Edgewater voter Betty Donatelli says her mailbox has lately been flooded with political ads, but this ad was different. "I'm from Rhode Island," Donatelli said, "I've been here 25 years. I've never seen anybody stoop that low."

An attack ad in the race for Volusia County School board has a curse word printed several times across it, smearing one of the candidates. Donatelli says she's never seen profanity in campaign literature before. "I thought it was disgusting and unacceptable, so I said one person can make a difference, and I was going to try to be that one person."


Lisa Lewis, Volusia County's elections supervisor, says the school board race has been particularly heated, this year. "They're very contentious, and that's going to be, I think, the biggest ones to watch."

Lewis says overall, there are few restrictions on the content of political ads. "Not really because you have freedom of speech that comes into play. They can say what they want pretty much."

Lewis says she just wants voters to know that early voting for the primary runs from Saturday, August 13, through Saturday, August 20.