Despite rising unemployment numbers, some Central Florida companies are hiring and holding virtual job fairs

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Believe it or not, companies are hiring during this crisis, but they're not doing it the traditional way. Virtual job fairs are where to find work. 

Kelly Graybeal recently applied online for a job a Walmart. She said to “go to It'll ask you for username, password, do you already have experience, you have to put all your experience down." 

Walmart isn't the only company moving its recruitment online though. is also holding an online virtual job fair for the whole month of April. Roger Lear, the president of OrlandoJobs, said that tThe jobs open right now are skill-based, they're looking for one type of work. Publix, for instance, they're looking for someone stocking shelves, they're not going to ask you what your career aspirations are." 

Lear advised applicants that for Zoom interviews, dress in business casual attire, don't sit in front of a distracting background, be prepared to answer simple, direct questions and don't forget to smile. As for your resume, he said to tailor it to the job you were applying for, citing that "your resume should be your name, where you live, contact info, and the title of the position you're applying to right at the very top, with the skills right underneath it of why you should be able to get that job.”

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Ted Brozanski is president of Lake Trucking, which is taking part in a virtual job fair. He said that “we've seen very little downturn in our business. I've continued to hire people every single week, last week we hired four new people."

Brozanski added that online hiring may become a permanent part of their recruiting strategy, citing that “if this is the new norm, we have to expect that, at least in my mind, the next six months, this could be the new norm."

He added that “not everyone has the capability to do this, so the face-to-face, phone interviews and so forth, I think are going to be necessary.” 

Graybeal said applying for work online was much more convenient than applying in-person, stating that "it's much easier to do it at home because if you have teenagers or have to stop what you're doing, you can just walk away.”

Here are just some of the companies hiring online:


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