DeSantis blocks pardon for Amendment 4 advocate, Desmond Meade

A pardon has been blocked for a man who led a movement to restore voting rights to felons in Florida.

Desmond Meade graduated from law school, made it onto TIME Magazine's List of the 100 Most Influential People, and made a way to restore rights for others. He is also a former drug dealer who was tossed out of the Army three decades ago. 

On Wednesday, Governor DeSantis blocked Meade's request for a pardon.

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"It is very arbitrary. You can have someone who has not done half of the things I have done since turning my life around that could get it. Then, someone like me would appear and you would think it is a no brainer. There is no rhyme or reason," Meade said.

Meade has achieved international acclaim as an advocate for Amendment Four, a measure that restores voting rights for felons. Nearly two-thirds of Florida voters approved the amendment in 2018.

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