Deputies searching for suspected 'Peeping Tom' in Marion County

Do you know this guy?

Marion County deputies say he is a 'Peeping Tom' who has been caught on a resident's Ring camera in the act.

"This guy is caught on camera creeping up to a home in the 15000 block of Southwest 19th Terrace, getting on his hands and knees, peeping in the windows, making his way to the back of the home," deputies said. 

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Investigators say this may not have been the first time he has done it.

"There is nothing creepier than seeing a grown man peeking in your windows at night.  We need to get this 'Peeping Tom' off the streets before he does this to anyone else, or worse."

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Anyone who can identify this person is asked to call 352-732-9111 or you can submit an anonymous tip through Crime Stoppers of Marion County at 352-368-STOP.