Deputies: Argument over dog leaves one man dead

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One person is dead and two others injured after a shooting following an apparent fight about a dog, according to the Polk County Sheriff's Office.

Witnesses say they heard 30-year-old Calvin Johnson of Fort Meade accusing a couple of stealing his pit bull just before the shooting.

Investigators say the couple, 40-year-old Charles Peddycoart and his girlfriend, were walking near a Dollar General store where a pit bull started following them. They say they tried to discourage the dog, which they say was not wearing a collar, but it kept following them until they left the area of the store and walked home.

Later, investigators say Johnson came to Peddycoart's house and asked Peddycoart's girlfriend if she had seen a couple walking with a dog.

Investigators say she told him "no" and turned to go back inside, but realized Johnson might have been asking about the incident at the store. 

She went after Johnson to tell him about what happened, but investigators say Johnson became "irate," asking her why she did not return his dog.

She told investigators Johnson sped away in his car.

The sheriff's office says Johnson and two others came to Peddycoart's house a short time later. Investigators say Peddycoart and his girlfriend were confronted by Johnson,18-year-old Edward Burgess, and 22-year-old Teconsa McDonald.

The woman said Johnson started yelling at her and Peddycoart, whose backs were against their front door.

Investigators say Peddycoart warned the men to leave, saying he had a gun. 

Johnson apparently replied, "I don't care about that gun!"

As the arguing escalated, shots were fired. Investigators say McDonald was shot and died from his injuries. Burgess and Johnson were injured. 

The Polk County Sheriff's Office says its investigators believe Peddycoart and his girlfriend did not know the men before this interaction. Deputies are still investigating.