DeLand High retweets partially nude photo, school says account was hacked

Leaders at DeLand High School said someone hacked into the school's Twitter page, retweeting an inappropriate photo.

A robocall alerting parents went out Thursday night, saying the school is working with police.

According to a report taken by the school's resource officer, the photo was of a woman with one of her breasts exposed. 

The report said she did not appear to be connected to the school or DeLand.

"When you're putting out the kind of picture that you said, you're actually distributing pornography on Twitter," said Walt Kolmetz, a parent.

In an email, Principal Melissa Carr said the account is run by a staff member. 

She said she believes a person outside the school hacked the Twitter account.

Carr said the school has changed the account's password and will continue to do so to prevent incidents like this from happening again.

Cyber security expert Daniel Plante is a professor at Stetson University. He said attacks like this are common.

"This incident is an example of the things that are probably the most prevalent types of attacks because they're so simple to execute," he said.

A student resource officer with the DeLand Police Department took the initial report. 

A spokesperson said the department would likely hand off the case to a federal agency.

"When you really have to hack into DeLand High School's Twitter account, you really have to find something to do with your life," Kolmetz said.