Daytona Beach residents get break on April utility bill

Source: City of Daytona Beach

As utility bills start to roll out in the City of Daytona, residents will notice a significant discount.

More than 22,000 customers within city limits will get a credit this month for water, sewer, recycling and public service tax.

Residents will still have to pay for stormwater, solid waste and the landfill.

The credit is part of the city’s COVID-19 Assistance Recovery Effort, or CARE program, funded by a reserve fund.

Christina Quinn pays about $100 a month, but this month her bill was about $30.

She said after being furloughed from her job at a dental office the break is appreciated.

“You know the times that we’re in, it’s kind of hard to know how you’re going to pay,” she said.

The city is also temporarily waiving rent for commercial tenants of city-owned properties, such as Joe’s Crab Shack at the pier and Jackie Robinson BallPark.

Mayor Derrick Henry said as a tourism destination, the pandemic has hit many residents hard, especially financially.

“A lot of our jobs are in the service industry, so a lot of our residents are going to be hit hard,” he said.

The package has also suspended fees for building permits for the next 90 days.