Cruise vacations more than 40% higher than pre-pandemic: report

Cruises have made a comeback since the COVID-19 pandemic but due to demand, ticket prices have gone through the roof. 

Popular cruise line operators have set some tickets more than 40% higher than they were pre-pandemic. 

According to data from Cruise Critic, the average price of a five-night cruise in the Caribbean this December will run travelers $736 per person – 43% higher than the same time in 2019. December’s average cruise costs also mark a roughly 37% increase from last year.

Even with the high prices, it’s not stopping cruisers from booking. Port Canaveral is expecting three million passengers by the end of the year. With that many people, a new terminal is in the works meaning more economic impact statewide.

Experts are advising travelers to book in advance to secure more favorable rates, especially since rates will continue to rise in the future.