Couple helps teens hide after running from Orlando fireworks show on July 4th

As people ran from Lake Eola during the panic at Orlando's Fourth of July fireworks show on Monday, they searched for cover anywhere they could find it – including a nearby neighborhood.

New security video shows frightened teens asking a homeowner if they could find shelter there because everything else was closed.

The homeowner spoke with FOX 35 News. 

"These kids were out of breath and they were just looking for someplace to go. So I said lets go to the backyard and they said yes please, thank you. It was very clear they just needed a home."

The teens stayed at the home for about 30 minutes and charged up their cell phones before they left.

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Orlando police hope new surveillance video will help determine what led to confusion and chaos at the city's Fourth of July fireworks show. Police say they believe a noise caused people to panic and scatter, but they say it was not gunfire.

There are two people caught on video running through the area before the panic started that Orlando police say they would like to talk to. They also want to hear from anyone who was out there and to provide photos and cell phone videos as they try to figure out what caused the chaos.