Coronavirus fears impacting businesses, travel in Central Florida

People traveling through airports across the world, including at Orlando International Airport (OIA), are taking precautions by wearing face masks over fears of the coronavirus.

FOX 35 News spotted several passengers at OIA wearing face masks throughout the airport.

JetBlue is one of the first airlines to start offering more options to passengers during the outbreak. The airline announced it will waive all change and cancellation fees for new flight bookings starting Friday.

United and American Airlines also offered the same deal earlier this week for flights to South Korea where the coronavirus has spread. 

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If you’ve gone through an airport over the past month, you may have seen travelers sporting face masks to avoid being exposed to the illness, but now those masks are becoming hard to find in stores.

The coronavirus is spread through airborn particles. That’s why some travelers here say they’ll wear masks while they travel.

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“Just want to protect myself from getting any germs.”

While it is not the perfect solution - the N-95 mask blocks 95% of particulates in the air. Now people are scrambling to get their hands on them.

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“I’ve looked. I’ve gone through all of the medical stores and drug stores and stuff like that and I've had trouble finding them," said Gordie Hershiser.

FOX NEWS business contributor Gary Kaltbaum says he's seen the impact as well. He believes the mask shortage will result in a bigger economic impact.

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"Here in Central Florida, I was at a Walgreens and I asked them how  the mask business was going and they said they are all sold out  throughout Central Florida. That means a lot of people are worried and may not go to the movies or to a restaurant."

So far, the United States has 60 confirmed coronavirus cases. Health officials say that number is expected to grow.