Corona Cigar Company one of many business owners worried about coronavirus impact

As President Donald Trump encourages people to avoid restaurants and bars, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings will decide whether to keep businesses open or closed in the county.

Many owners hope to stay open safely.  Coronavirus concerns aren’t stopping customers from coming to the Corona Cigar Company in Dr. Phillips.

"Our customers are pretty sophisticated. They know the Corona Cigar and the Coronavirus aren’t anything related," said owner Jeff Borysiewicz, adding that he has received lots of comments about staying open. "People just don’t want to be cooped up in their house. Please stay open so we can sit outside and enjoy a cigar and have some normalcy in their lives."

Mayor Demings said he is not going to rush and decide if he’ll keep businesses opened or closed.  He wants to make sure there is federal or state funding to help make up the difference.

"So if we make any decisions to recommend that businesses be closed, we want to do that with an abundance of caution on their behalf as well as the public at large," Demings said during a news conference on Monday.

"I commend the Mayor for making that decision, to base it on science and not on fear," Borysiewicz said

Borysiewicz said coronavirus hasn’t affected business at this Corona branch, because it’s a local crowd. However, another branch is taking a hit.

"Downtown has had the most impact because less people are going downtown. No more Magic, NBA, no more hockey, no more concerts, and that area doesn’t quite have as many residences."

He hopes other businesses stay open, so people can continue earning a living.

"The rent goes on. You want your employees to be working and get their paychecks and stuff."

Borysiewicz said he has plenty of hand sanitizer and wipes to keep customers and workers protected.