Cocoa man petitions for speed-bumps after senior killed while mowing lawn

A man has been moved to take action, following a tragic death that is weighing heavy on the minds of one Cocoa neighborhood.  

Warren Mckee choked as when he talked about his 80-year-old neighbor, killed by a passing car as he was pushing his lawnmower last Friday.

“I think I can honestly say I loved him as a neighbor and this neighborhood loved him,” Mckee said

Mckee is now launching a grassroots effort from the heart, having posted a sign which reads, “Slow Down or Speed Bumps, Up to You!”   He is hoping his neighbors will follow his lead and put up signs of their own, so there can be change.

Mckee put up the sign Saturday morning, but he said a few hours later, someone tried to smash it.  They succeeded only in knocking it over.

The sign, calling for speed bumps on Michigan Ave., is evidently unpopular with some, but McKee said those who live closest to the accident scene are united on this. He said he has other proposals which might be even more unpopular with drivers who take Michigan Ave.

“The police can come through, but I think they need to start writing tickets,” he said.

He calls himself the "lead picketer" on this and pent some time going door-to-door asking neighbors to put their name on a petition.  He said a lot of them are on board and his next step is to get on the agenda at the next council meeting on January 9.