Classes begin at University of Central Florida

Classes began at the University of Central Florida on Monday for both in-person and online learning. It was a far cry from a normal first day of school on a university campus.

With nearly 70,000 UCF students enrolled, only a handful could be seen out and about. Just one-quarter of classes will be in-person.

“It feels emptier than usual,” freshman Gonzalo Gomezsliva said. “I have an in-person class tomorrow. That’s my only in-person class.”

The rest are all online.

“I’ve been honestly really upset about it because I feel like you learn the most in class instead of online,” said junior Edward Reynolds, who transferred to UCF this fall, “so I’m kinda disappointed that it’s all online, but it’s for the health benefits for everyone else so I understand.”

UCF Student Government said they’re working on organizing social events both in-person and virtually.

“As of right now we’re trying to limit it to 300-500 people outdoors with social distancing guidelines in place,” said Sabrina La Rosa, UCF Student Government President.

But one big social gathering on a lot of people’s minds is football.

“We’re hoping for the best, but like everyone else, we’re waiting on the NCAA and a message from athletics,” La Rosa said.

Until more guidance comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other health organizations, it appears the masks, Plexiglas, and social distancing is here to stay.

“It’s gonna be pretty weird,” Gomezsliva said.