City of Eustis holds fireworks show with audience

Friday night, the City of Eustis lit up the skies at Ferran Park despite the pandemic.

Earlier in the day, workers set up handwashing stations for families at the park.

Mayor Michael Holland says he was concerned about the spread of COVID-19, but also said we need something to boost our spirits.

He asked people to watch from their cars or outside their homes, but many people did show up.

People were asked to social distance and wear masks.

People were excited.

Eustis resident Chuck Calloway said, "I think it’s a great idea. People need their spirits raised. I’m glad they’re doing it."

Tourist Steve Copeland said, "I like the idea as long as you social distance, watch from your cars. Everybody participate [and] bring the spirit back to the holiday. I like that."

Unlike years past, there were no vendors or booths set up.

The city's mayor encouraged everyone to go to the local restaurants and have a Happy Fourth of July.