Central Florida parents clash over masks in schools

A steady stream of parents in Central Florida are getting their back-to-school shopping done as school starts back up in two weeks. 

But as the delta variant grows stronger, parents are on different pages when it comes to masking up.

"It should be a choice if the kids want to wear them or not. They shouldn’t be forced to have to wear them like they were forced last year," said parent Stephanie Thompson.

Another mother we spoke with says she would consider homeschooling her 8-year-old daughter if masks weren’t a requirement, saying it would just be a repeat of last year.

"It was difficult, but we made it work. We made it work and that's just how it was going. I know it is an irritant but if that works, then it is all about her and her safety."

And even though e-learning was used across the state last year during COVID, that is not an option any longer. 

In Brevard County, all students are planning to return in person. 

Mikayla Clouser, 14, goes to Bayside High School. She says she is looking forward to getting back and seeing her classmates. But with just days left, she said still doesn’t know what to expect.

"If they do make us wear them, then obviously I am going to. But if they don’t, then it is kind of one of those things where it is kind of a personal preference if you want to," Clouser said.