Central Florida could wake up to temperatures in the 60s this week

After days of heat, humidity, and pouring rain, cooler weather is on the way for Central Florida! 

A cold front is approaching the state of Florida, expected to pass over the Orlando metro area Tuesday night after a day of near record temperatures during the day.

So what does that mean for your weather on Wednesday?

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"That means some cooler, more comfortable weather," said Fox 35 meteorologist Kristin Giannas. 

Central Florida could see temperatures drop about 10 degrees overnight, getting down to as low as 67 degrees on Wednesday with lots of sunshine and a zero percent chance for rain. Thursday could also see another cooler morning, with wake-up temperatures around 69 degrees.

You'll have to trade the sweaters for an umbrella on Friday when Central Florida temperatures will see a high of 85 degrees and a 50 percent chance for showers. As for the rest of the weekend, highs only reach the 80s but the chances for rain on Saturday and Sunday are around 40 percent.

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