Here's why Food Network star Guy Fieri was in Central Florida this week

Food Network star Guy Fieri made a visit to Central Florida on Wednesday, and it seems the host of "Triple D" may have a few more trips to the Sunshine State booked on the calendar.

Fieri stopped by his Chicken Guy! restaurant in Winter Park to promote a handful of new additions to the spring menu and to meet with fans. He also spoke highly about the local restaurants in Florida and teased a handful of projects in the works.

"You're really fortunate in this area because you're a melting pot. When you have the big attractions of Disney and the amenities that go along with that and all the other parks, you get people from all over the world, plus you sit right on the Eastern seaboard" Fieri told FOX 35. "You get Europe really easy. You get the rest of the country really easy. You get the world coming to this area."

"You have almost every ethnicity food here," he said.

And Fieri obviously wants to be part of that. He launched Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs in 2018, followed by a second location in Winter Park. He has since opened others in New Jersey, Michigan, Tennessee, Maryland, and California. 

More are on the way.

"This is the growth. This is the beginning of the thing," Fieri said, adding that there are 80 franchise locations "ready to go."

"We wanted to make sure we had this dialed in, and we really know all the ins and outs of what we're doing and how we're doing it, to make sure what we're going to give people on a national level was going to be outstanding," he said.

"It's going to go loud and fast."

On top of that, Fieri said earlier in the week he filmed a new episode of "Triple D Nation" in Florida, a spin-off which checks back on the restaurants he featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

"We went back to six of the locations we visited here in Orlando 7 years ago. Great recap. Unbelievable to see where the restaurants are now and how they're doing," he said.

He also said he'd filmed a new pilot show here in Florida. Details on that project were not immediately announced.

"I have something I'm going to say, but I can't say it yet. I will be in Florida way more than you know. Way more," Mr. Flavortown teased.

Fieri's Chicken Guy! opened in Winter Park in 2021. The restaurant serves a variety of chicken combo meals, signature sandwiches, and salad bowls. There are also sides such as fried pickle chips, Chicken Guy fries and Mac Daddy Mac ‘N’ Cheese to accompany your meal.

One of the favorites among fans are the 22 house-made dipping sauces, including Curry Mayo, Garlic Parmesan, Wasabi Honey, Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ, and Chipotle Ranch.