Caught on camera: Florida deputies say 3 men used truck to break into ATM, took $116K before being captured

Three men in Florida were caught on surveillance video using a truck to break into an ATM, steal the money inside, and then drive away, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Orange County said in a tweet that Deontrae Walden, 23, Carlos Reed, Jr., 22, and Wendell Harp, Jr., 23, were potentially facing multiple felony charges, including burglary of a structure, grand theft, and criminal mischief, and shared video of the alleged heist.

In the video, a white pickup truck is seen backing up close to the ATM with what appears to be a rope tied to the back of it and to the cash machine. 

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Moments later, the truck pulls forward and the ATM breaks open. A person in a hoodie is then seen running away carrying several packages. Walden, Reed, and Harp were identified as the men behind the brazen crime and arrested, deputies said.

The three are suspected of similar crimes in other areas of Florida, according to the sheriff's office.

Deputies apparently tracked the pickup truck and the man to Pine Hills, where deputies used "stop sticks" to blow the truck's tires.

"At 4 o’clock, I heard a loud bang. Like a shake," said a woman who lived in the area, and requested she not be identified.

"I just heard get down on the ground, get down on the ground and saw a bunch of red and blue lights. Saw guns pointing," she said, adding that there was a duffel bag with a lot of money suddenly in front of her house – and some of the bills scattered about.

Deputies said there was more than $116,000 taken from the ATM.