Buzzing bee confronts hawk in whimsical stare-down caught on camera

An unexpected interaction between a hawk and bee has the internet buzzing! 

The epic face-off happened atop a water tower in Clovis, California, on Wednesday, as seen in the now-viral video shared by the Clovis Police Department on Facebook. In the video, you can see a red-railed hawk minding its business when a bee decides to get up close and personal with it. 

For nearly half a minute, the bee can be seen buzzing around the hawk's head as it tries to get a good look by turning around in all directions. 

"Even Red-Tailed Hawks get buzzed by bees apparently! One of the remaining babies on the #OldTownClovis water tower was sunbathing this morning when a bee decided to take a closer look," Clovis Police captioned the video, which has received nearly 30,000 views since it was shared. 

Police said it's likely this is the last time they will see the red-tailed hawk family this season. This species of hawk typically breed from March to May, according to NatureWorks. They typically prefer to be up high, so they can easily search for food – which makes sense why the hawk was found on top of the city's water tower.