Brevard County teachers overwhelmingly vote 'no' on new pay plan

Brevard County teachers have overwhelming voted 'no' on a new pay plan.

96 percent of teachers voted 'no' on the pay plan. However, despite how teachers feel, the school board is still moving ahead with the raises since they already approved them. The plan applies to the last school year and offers an $1,100 raise or teachers rated highly-effective.

Dozens of teachers protested before yesterday's school board meeting, holding signs that said things like 'teachers are priceless.' The President of the Brevard Teacher Federation spoke before the board, stating that teachers are not willing to stand by any longer.

"This 'no' says if you’re going to retain us here in Brevard, we demand that you honor and respect us. Our 'no' means that we expect the board to be prepared and willing to negotiate," he said.

Board members said that they expect to have more money in the budget for raises this school year.