Brevard County man experiencing isolation in China amid coronavirus spread

Keenan Carver, 28, who calls Brevard County home, is about 700 miles away from Wuhan, China.

To get on a plane, to get out of China, he’d have to travel to the Hot Zone. So for now, he’s sitting tight. 

He doesn’t know anyone who is sick.

Carver, is an actor and director. 

He’s in China for an English language teaching opportunity. 

But his job, his life - everything around him - is crippled by the coronavirus. 

“And hopefully, to use lighter words, it will blow over soon, but it could take a couple months to recover from this which I’m not prepared for,” Carver said.

Keenan’s mom, Cathy Allen, isn’t prepared for that either. 

The Palm Bay submitted her son's resume to the international program and now she’s trying to bring him home.

“I’ve actually contacted the U.S. Embassy. They have a consulate in Chengdu. I have called and I’m bothering them, but they have Chinese nationals answering the phones, even though they speak English, its very broken English, and no one seems to understand what I’m saying,” Allen said.

Meanwhile, Keenan is saying, “Mom, don’t worry.” 

He wants to experience China and wants to wait for the crisis to subside.

“The situation now is they have advised everyone to stay indoors for their own safety and so the past few weeks have been very quiet. I can look out my window and I see no cars, no people,” Carver said.

Coming in and out of his apartment complex involves showing a guard two photo IDs and getting his head scanned to make sure he doesn’t have a fever.

Carver’s lessons are now conducted over the Internet. 

He’s trying to pass the time in isolation watching movies, reading and writing.

“It’s very boring," he said. "It’s not the best situation, but it’s OK.”

Carver and his mom try to Skype as much as possible, but she says she can tell the cabin fever is setting in.