Bold, ferocious and ‘psycho’: Meet the colorful contestants of FOX’s 'Ultimate Tag'

There are two basic rules to the schoolyard game of tag:

1. If you are it, try to tag other people
2. If you are not it, try to avoid being tagged

As for FOX’s new “Ultimate Tag,” the core rules are more or less the same, save for one notable addendum:

3. Don’t get eaten alive by the fierce and ferocious contestants.

Premiering May 20 at 9 p.m. ET | 8 p.m. CT, “Ultimate Tag” re-imagines America’s favorite recess activity as a no-holds-barred athletic bout composed of athletic, assertive and, in some cases, crazy competitors. But don’t take our word for it. Meet the friends (and foes) who’ll be pressed to earn your love and ire this season on “Ultimate Tag.”


With the flexibility of a certified contortionist and a howl that would make any wolf blush, Banshee is primed to take a big bite out of this “Ultimate Tag” season. Be forewarned: One announcer has already diagnosed Banshee as a “professional psycho.” 


Spunky, optimistic, fearless and fast are among the adjectives that this blonde bullet uses to describe herself, citing speed as her primary specialty.  It’s unclear how well Rocket will fare throughout the season, but early analysis of her performance footage indicates she’ll be off to a speedy start.


“I’m relentless, I’m after you, I’m not going to stop, I’M GOING RIGHT AT YOU,” Horse says menacingly in his promo vid. While early “Ultimate Tag” footage indicates that Horse is not actually a horse, he’ll still be bringing some equestrian-level power (and a mane to match) during this tagging bout.


He may not be as big or as brawny as the other “Ultimate Tag” contestants, but this track athlete and freerunner still finds a way to calculate the dodging odds to his advantage. According to the glasses-clad competitor, analyzing his opponent’s strategies is part of Geek’s typical tag curriculum.

Iron Giantess

At 6-foot-1, Iron Giantess towers over the rest of the taggers. She intimidates those who dare run near her with her physical prowess and terrifying battle cries. Considering that the “Ultimate Tag” playing field incorporates both high and low obstacles, expect this contestant’s impact to be colossal. 


An explosive presence on the tagging scene, Dynamite is quick to warn that she has a very short fuse. With her landmark agility, keen tagger’s wit and unabashed ability to trash talk, she’s poised to provoke fear this competition.


Bulldog equates himself to an animal just being released that is ready to attack someone. Early analysis of some of his “Ultimate Tag” highlights indicates this self-evaluation is accurate, as Bulldog is an ultimate beast on the playing field.


Caveman, meet the Caveman, he’s part of the “Ultimate Tag” family. Brazen, and relentless, his fierce athletic endeavors will go down in history.


Trained in martial arts and weaponry, Flame promises to carve out some fiery hand-to-hand stylings amid the tough tagging tundra. Get too close to her and you’re bound to be burned.

Atomic Ant

With bold blue hair and a background in parkour, Atomic Ant will employ some insect-level ability to climb over the other tagger. She may not have the same vertical advantage as Iron Giantess, but expect Atomic Ant to use her compact frame to contain the competition.

Beach Boy

Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’ll be a breeze getting by this tagger. Beach Boy may project good vibes, but it will not be fun in the sun for those who try to steal his tagging limelight.

Watch the series premiere of “Ultimate Tag” at 9 p.m. ET | 8 p.m. CT on FOX.

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