Body camera video released in deadly shooting involving Florida deputy

The Orange County Sheriff's Office on Friday released a video from a body camera video showing tense moments as they were responding to a shooting.  The incident happened earlier this month after first responders were called to help a 21-year-old who had been shot at the Heritage Hotel.

When deputies arrived, they discovered one man, Dylan Jimenez, was shot, and his brother, Bryan Richardson, was standing next to him. The alleged shooter was on the run.

Suddenly, a crowd of people yell that the brother of the shooting victim had a gun. In a matter of seconds, the deputy told Richardson to drop the gun. Then the video a female deputy reach for and grab the gun before Richardson was shot multiple times by another male deputy at close range.

A retired police officer and professor of forensic studies at Florida Gulf Coast University tells FOX 35 News that it's possible the deputy who fired the shots might have not seen his partner disarm Richardson.  "People think there is a light switch that turns off, but the brain can’t react that quickly," explained Dr. David Thomas. "There's a concept called reaction time, and it takes 2.5 seconds for the brain to register that the threat is no longer there."

As for the deputy who grabbed the gun, Dr. Thomas said, "That’s a struggle that no one can win, and she is at a tactical disadvantage."

The two brothers died. Their mother, Ada Baker, has since hired an attorney who has said Richardson was holding the gun because he was worried the person who initially shot his brother was still out there and claims Richardson told a deputy he had a weapon.

"By all accounts, Bryan Richardson was providing protection to the deputy and those providing aid to his dying brother," said attorney Mark NeJame in a statement sent to FOX 35 News, adding that there was a lack of communication between the deputy and Richardson. "We are investigating as to why there was an apparent lack of communication between the Deputies and if the killing of Ada Blaker’s second son was avoidable if the deputies had communicated according to policy."

When asked if it was likely that law enforcement would let Richardson hold onto his gun while at an active crime scene, Dr. Thomas replied, "No."