Body camera footage released of argument that ends with gunshots

A family running for their lives, as a mother nad her children escape a hail of bullets coming from a man shooting at his own family. And the first time ever, you can see body camera footage from the deputy who saved their lives. 

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office released body camera footage from the incident. 

Deputies say it all started with an argument between a man and wife. They were arguing over who was to get custody of their youngest son. 

Deputy Eric Cheek was the first to respond to the shots fired at the Deltona home. He walks towards the front door nad hear Emmanuel Rosado lock the door and take cover. That's when he sees Rosado's wife climbing out the window and barely makes it out. She crawls away as fast as she can with a gunshot wound to her leg.

The woman tells deputies that she is shot and her three kids are still inside the home. The deputy is ale to get the children out of the home safely. The 7-year-old was keeping her brother and sister safe in teh closet while shots were being fired.

With 18 deputies surrounding the home, Emmanuel Rosado came out with his arms up. A jury recently convicted him of Attempted Second Degree Murder.

His wife says she still has good and bad days, with pains in her leg where she was shot. However, she said she is doing okay.