Blind, diabetic dog who loves wearing angel wings is looking for a home

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Meet Cherish.

The 3-year-old gray and white pit bull was surrendered to a shelter and is currently residing at the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Mission Hills, California. 

The staff says Cherish loves to wear angel wings, which seems to be quite fitting since they say she is cuddly, affectionate, playful and just downright adorable. 

Unfortunately, Cherish  has been passed up for adoption many times. You see, Cherish is both blind and diabetic, which can be a lot to take on for a dog owner.

"She is incredibly sweet and affectionate and very wiggly when she knows someone is trying to interact with her. She makes these adorable piggy snort sounds and tap dances with delight whenever she gets attention," Best Friends dog manager Amanda Hamilton said in a statement to 

To help her get noticed, a photoshoot was set up for Cherish, showing her dressed in her white angel wings and a special halo that helps visually-impaired animals avoid running into things.

Best Friends says that since her photos hit the internet, they have received interest and are currently screening potential candidates to either foster or adopt Cherish. 

The family who gets Cherish would need to give her insulin shots each day. Cherish will happily provide you with kisses and cuddles in return. They would also be provided with food, medical care and products that Cherish needs

If you are interested in adopting Cherish, contact or call (818) 643-3989.