BCU student releases first single on student run record label

It’s a big day for Bethune Cookman senior Daniel Glover, known as DJ DGlove, as he released his first single Friday, which is now available on Itunes.

Glover produced the track through Bethune Cookman’s student run record label, HBCU Records.

“The name of the single is called ‘Good Time’ and tomorrow is graduation so we’re definitely going to have a good time,” Glover said.

The 27-year-old radio major says it’s the perfect way to cap off his undergraduate career at BCU before graduation, but his journey was far from easy .

“The motivation was just trying to stay in a good positive vibe with so much going on in my life, coming back from Afghanistan.” Glover said.

After initially enrolling in 2010 the Jacksonville native left BCU to serve in the military, while stationed in Afghanistan he was injured by an explosion from and IED while on patrol.

 “I had quite a few injuries from that I was medevaced out of Afghanistan and flown to Germany, and it just took me some time to learn how to walk again and comprehend and get back to the normal lifestyle.”

A lifestyle that didn’t seem possible, but after surviving the worst his teachers say he came back to school ready to succeed.

“We believe we’re currently the only HBU that has a student run record label, and so for us to have him release his first single it’s an amazing testament  to the students and all the hard work that they’ve put in,” said Pamela Browne Executive Director of The Curb Institute at BCU.

DJ DGlove even got signed to an artist development deal with Curb Records, but still decided to finish his degree at BCU.

“Honestly it’s a blessing, I’m speechless, it’s a blessing,” Glover said.