As House manger during impeachment, Florida Rep. Val Demings knows what it takes to prosecute

U.S. Rep. Val Demings knows what it takes to prosecute a case. For 27 years, Demings worked for the Orlando Police Department, culminating with her being appointed the agency's first female chief more than a dozen years ago.

On Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi named her as one of seven impeachment managers who will present the case against President Donald Trump in the U.S. Senate.

Former Republican Congressman Bill McCollum, who served as a manager during the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton thinks Demings is a good choice.

"She’s a woman, she’s from Florida, she’s got a law enforcement background and she’s on the right committee. I think she’s articulate and I think she’ll do well,” he told FOX 35 News.

Demings reminded colleagues about her law enforcement background during last month's impeachment proceedings in the House. Demings serves on two committees that played crucial roles in the House impeachment proceedings -- Judiciary and Intelligence.

“The important thing for Val Demings and for any House manager to remember, as I tried very hard to do: however it comes out at the end of the day yes it matters, but it's most important you do your job. Like with a jury trial, you let those jurors decide. That’s the American system,” McCollum added.