Aquatica Orlando is opening 7 days a week starting July 2

(Aquatica Orlando)

Central Florida water park Aquatica will be opening its doors back up to seven days a week starting July 2.

The park is currently operating on a modified schedule, open some days and closed others.

You can see the park's current schedule on Aquatica's website.

Aquatica launched a safety information section on its website for visitors to read over the measures the park is taking to fight the spread of coronavirus.

According to the Aquatica's website, guests with existing tickets, Fun Cards or annual passes will need to make their reservations through the park's new online system.

The park closed back in March, but has kept park-goers up to date through its Facebook page.

For those wanting to buy new tickets, Aquatica is offering over 40 percent off for guests who buy online.

Visit Aquatica's website to learn more.