Animal Services investigating possible pet poisonings

Osceola County Animal Services is investigating a possible animal cruelty case after several animals turned up dead on the same Kissimmee street.  Kim Staton, director for Animal Services, said three cats, one dog and one opossum all died within days of each other and they have reason to believe the animals may have been poisoned.

Lorainne Otero found her bengal cat dead two weeks ago and then a week later, her yorkie died too. When animal control officers came to investigate, they found a bowl of rice and beans near where some of the animals were found -- and sent it off to be tested.

Staton says the results came back positive for an insecticide.  "We don't have necropsy results yet so right now it's a situation of suspected poisoning, not confirmed," Staton said.  Now, Animal Services is putting out a warning for pet owners in the area  "We are asking people to really be cautious, keep their pets inside, if they are walking their dog keep it on a leash," Staton said.

Otero said  if it is in fact proven true that someone poisoned her precious pets, she wants justice. "I hope that he be punished. I hope the law makes him pay for all the suffering of these animals and people that love them," Otero said.

Osceola Co. Animal Services is asking for anyone with information on this case to come forward.