Amtrak train crashes into truck in Downtown Orlando

A man walked away unharmed after his car was struck by an Amtrak train early Thursday afternoon.  The crash happened around 1:30 p.m. and temporarily shut down traffic, along Colonial Drive near Orange Avenue.

Anthony Galvez believed he was safely on the other side of train tracks, before an Amtrak train smashed into the bed of his truck. The impact left him bruised and sent his dog flying through the cabin.

“I couldn’t run into the guy in front of me, and no one was moving up,” he said. “My dog was with me and flew into the back seat, poor thing. But he’s alive.”

Galvez’ truck was the second car hit by a train on Thursday. Around noon, a SunRail train hit the tail end of a different car for the same reason. Galvez said he believes the gates should have gone down sooner.

“Why are people able to go that far if a train is coming that close?” he said.

Contractors checked the equipment,  according to the Florida Department of Transportation. spokesperson Steve Olsen. 

“We are thankful nobody was injured. SunRail contractors checked the crossing gates and equipment," Olson said.  "The equipment was operating within parameters during both incidents. It is vitally important that drivers stay behind the white line facing the tracks, and only proceed to the other side when, and if, there is room in traffic. A train can come at any time and from any direction.”