A CUT ABOVE: Men's health clinic in Virginia offering luxury brosectomies

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There is a new trend that is taking socializing and surgery to the next level – a brosectomy. That is when two guys get to bond while getting a vasectomy at the same time. Now, there is a clinic in Virginia where they welcoming men in luxury and style.

Obsidian Men's Health in the Tysons Corner area is a luxury medical office that specializes in vasectomies. It is attracting patients from around the world and is helping bringing guys together.

YouTube star Rob Fereti and his friend Jeb Lopez had a ball at the urologist office. Apparently, 2017 has brought the birth of the brosectomy.

For some people, a big family is where it is at. But for others, children are no longer in the plans.

When recalling the conversation he had with Fereti, Lopez said he was asked if he planned on having another child.

“I said I think we are done at this point,” Lopez said. “So he says, ‘Hey, I’m done too. Want to get a vasectomy?’ I said, ‘Okay sure, why not?’”

These two friends go back years and doing this together could help them calm their nerves. Also, Fereti decided to rely on Lopez to do the research.

“Most of the guys that come in, they are most concerned about the level of discomfort during and after the procedure, and [they ask if] this can have long-term effects, particularly on my sexual health,” said urologist Dr. Shane Geib. “That is what they are most worried about.”

“We are about going all out and giving patients not only the best medical experience possible, but the best customer service and the most luxurious medical experience they could ever imagine,” said Dr. Marc Richman.

Patients at Obsidian Men's Health can have a drink or two as long as medication doesn't interfere. They pay one fee that includes food and transportation while relaxing in luxury as doctors observe them after the procedure.

“We will bring in a second couch and allow them to kind of hang out together and put on whatever sporting event they are trying to watch for the weekend and have their bromantic activity after the procedure is done,” said Dr. Richman. “Yeah, it’s usually just hanging out and enjoying some bro time. That’s it.”

Fereti and Lopez arrived in an UberBLACK vehicle and opted for a fancy steak dinner. They needed one day of rest and were able to play golf two days later after their procecures were completed.