911 calls released in alleged PlayStation killing

Seminole County Sheriff's deputies just released the 911 call in the brutal PlayStation murder, after a roommate catches his two roommates with a dead person.

Caller: He’s dead.

Dispatcher: How do you know he’s dead?

Caller: He’s not moving. They have plastic bags. The man is on a plastic bag. He’s dead. He’s dead.

Dispatcher: Is anyone at the house?

Caller: He’s a kid.

Dispatcher: Is there anyone else at the house?

Caller: It’s my roommates. These are people I live with.

Dispatcher: Are your roommates at the house?

Caller: Yes they’re there right now, you need to go and take care of this.

A family continues to grieve after deputies say he was murdered over a PlayStation gaming system.

We just talked to the victim's brother at the Experience Christian Center, it's a place where the family is finding some comfort.  Joshua Barnes, 24, is pictured with his 4-year-old son, which relatives say, he had full custody of. That child now without a father.

"I don't think he knows what's going on to be honest. He was a loving dad. He loved his son," said Ray Barnes.

Barnes trembles as he talks about this big brother, Joshua.  Authorities said he was brutally murdered a few days ago.

"Kind of hard for me to believe, I was just talking to him and now he's gone."

Investigators say 22-year-old Jake Bilotta and his 21-year-old roommate, Ian McClurg, stabbed Barnes with a 7-inch chef's knife, then placed his body in plastic bags.

"Mostly I'm just angry at both of them," Ray said. 

While deputies called Joshua an ex-roommate, Ray says he lived with their family and slept over the suspects house in Maitland from time to time.  Deputies said the attack happened after a dispute over a PlayStation gaming system.

"He didn't deserve it. Not one bit."

Investigators tell us a third roommate came home and saw Joshua dead, that's when he called 911, something the family is grateful for.

"Thank you very much."

Ray says his big brother was always encouraging.

"He supported me in everything I wanted to do."

He believes faith will help him and his family though this devastating time.

 "What are you going to miss about him? Everything. He was my older brother and I loved him."

The family's pastor says they're still in the process of planning the funeral.