4-way stop coming to Florida intersection of crash that killed 3 kids, grandma: 'This is just step No. 1'

Osceola County officials will be adding stop signs to an intersection where three young children and their grandmother were killed in a crash.

Crews will be installing stop signs at Laurel Avenue and San Miguel Road in Poinciana on Thursday – making that intersection a 4-way stop, instead of a 2-way stop.

The family of four were killed at the intersection when a 15-year-old driver 'T-boned" them last week. The teen driver was speeding and ran the stop sign, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Nelson Torres, a Poinciana resident who lives near the crash site, says people speed and drive recklessly in the area often.

"Typically, on a weekend here this is a raceway for both vehicles, four-wheelers, and dirt bikes," said Torres. "It’s going to be very helpful to have a four-way stop to start with and hopefully get something else to make it a little safer. Not only for the sake of drivers but pedestrians, there’s a school, not a quarter mile from here and children do walk through here."

Some residents believe the additional stop signs will not be enough and would like the county to do more like put in a roundabout or speed humps.

"A four-way stop or traffic light isn’t going to help. The city has to do something much better," said resident Jose Rijos. "People when they’re driving crazy, and they're focused on something else, not paying attention, they’re not going to stop at a sign, but if they put something in the middle that’s going to be better."

On Monday, there will be a public comment meeting where residents can bring their concerns to the county commission.