36-plus pounds of trash collected in Cocoa Beach by Red Lobster and PepsiCo volunteers

Red Lobster and PepsiCo food service volunteers teamed up to collect trash in Cocoa Beach.

June welcomes BeBot, Pepsi, and Red Lobster on World Ocean's Day. 

In honor of World Ocean's Day held every year on June 8, the Ocean Conservancy nonprofit organization partnered with Red Lobster and PepsiCo volunteers to collect trash at Lori Wilson Park in Cocoa Beach.

The team of 50 volunteers came together for the local beach cleanup and collected over 36 pounds of trash in just a few hours. 

In March, Cocoa Beach also welcomed the eco-friendly robot ‘BeBot’ designed to remove litter from the beachside, capturing the attention of beach-goers and reminding people of the importance of keeping our oceans clean. 

"It's a great way to spread awareness on a global issue," said Savanna Christy, Keep Florida Beautiful's executive director. 

With the efforts of eco-friendly robots and ocean cleanup volunteers, Florida beaches will stay sunny and clear for the years to come.