33 vehicles broken into in Maitland

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Maitland Police said 33 vehicles were broken into early Saturday morning.
Kia Larkin, one of the victims, said "My car was smashed into, and about 7 other cars in the lot."
Kia Larkin's busted driver-side window has plastic over it now. Her car is one of 15 vehicles broken into at the Park Lake Townhouses, according to Police.
"I was just kind of annoyed," Larkin said. "I mean, there's nothing you can really do about it."
And less than 10 minutes away at the Courtney at Lake Shadow apartments in Maitland, more break-ins occurred.
Jennifer Vaccaro, a resident at the complex, said "It's a little scary that it's so close, obviously to where we live."
Police spokesperson, Lieutenant Louis Grindle, said 18 vehicles were broken into at the Courtney apartments. Residents said the complex sent out an email telling them about the break-ins and reminding them of the courtesy officer on property.
"I've always felt safe here," Vaccaro said.
A witness told police they saw 4 suspects-- all dressed in dark clothes-- smash a vehicle window and then take off in a Ford SUV.
Maitland Police said most of the victims had nothing stolen from inside their cars, but people are still left dealing with the damage, like broken windows and broken glass.
"People are estimating around $500 for a window," Larkin explained. "I think it'll cost maybe just under that."
Police said they are also working with Altamonte Springs Police because it's possible these break-ins are related to the burglaries there on Friday.
Kevin Evans, who lives at the apartment complex said "I hope they get caught--causing damage to people that didn't do anything to them."
If you have information on the vehicle burglaries, call Maitland Police at (407) 539-6262.