29th annual Biketoberfest kicks off in Daytona Beach

The 29th annual Biketoberfest begins Thursday in Daytona Beach with more than 100,000 bikers expected to roll into town for this year's event. 

This year there is one big difference: no COVID restrictions. But police say there is still a focus on safety.

Chief Jakari Young says they're planning to handle the event the same way they did in pre-pandemic years. He also says they're not planning to close any bridges.

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Last year, city leaders decided not to issue permits to outdoor vendors -- so no tents or outdoor concerts. It was in an effort to curb the spread of COVID. That won’t be the case this year.

Still, police say make smart choices.

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"Obviously there will be a lot of alcohol consumption so my advice for those in town for that purpose is to know your limit and if you're doing to be drinking obsessively, be sure you take advantage of our ridesharing options." 

Chief Young says they're not calling in extra manpower for the event. They think they have their bases covered to keep everyone safe.

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