Police say 16-year-old travels over 750 miles to Florida, seeking revenge on officer

A 16-year-old is now in custody after police say he was involved in an online sex crimes investigation and threatened law enforcement. 

Orlando Police and Florida Highway Patrol held a news conference on Wednesday about the arrest.

Investigators hope the 16-year-old being held at a juvenile detention center is required to stay longer than the 21-day minimum. 

"This kid is someone who concerns us tremendously," said Chief Orlando Rolon.

Police say they were tripped off in March that the 16-year-old from Virginia was receiving explicit pictures from a 13-year-old in Orlando. 

Investigators say the 16-year-old was upset when he was busted and started plotting.  

Police released the threatening voicemail he left for the investigator working the case. In it, he threatened to kill the officer. 

Chief Orlando Rolon said` the teen researched how to make pipe bombs, posted on social media about trying to buy a gun, stole his parents' SUV, and started making the over 750 miles drive to Orlando. 

"His intent was to find the 13 year old. He knew where she lived. He mentioned if her parents got in the way that he would harm them. Also mentioned intent to find detective. Found a number of addresses for people with the same name.," said Chief Rolon. 

OPD says state troopers caught him driving into Florida on Wednesday - in a chase that lasted about 10 miles, at times topping 100 miles per hour. 

The case has been turned over to the state attorney. 

Attempted homicide on a law enforcement officer is considered a felony. The teenager is being held in St. Johns County because that’s where he was arrested. 

He also faces other charges including Grand Theft Auto for stealing his parents' car and operating a vehicle without a valid license.