13-year-old suspected of shooting two juveniles

Palm Bay Police arrested a 13 year-old boy after a shooting on a quiet, suburban street.

“I'm shocked by this for sure,” said Devon Anmolsingh, who lives on the street, “this definitely blows my mind.

“Very unusual for us,” agreed Pat Monk, who lives nearby, “we're very quiet.”

It happened Saturday on Rila Street, in southeast Palm Bay. When police showed up, they say they found two kids with bullet wounds. Both went to the hospital, where they were listed in serious but stable condition. Monk said she saw police searching for the shooter.

“He had took off running, and that's what the helicopters were over and looking for him,” she said.

Police say they nabbed the 13 year-old suspect shortly after the shooting happened. They found the semi-automatic handgun they say he used. People here say it's tragic that the victims and shooter are all juveniles.

“The kids nowadays,” Anmolsingh said with a sigh, “I don't know what's going on with him. Something in this generation, for sure.”

Police say the shooter is so far being charged with attempted murder, burglary, and being a minor in possession of a gun.