Tracking the Tropics: Area off coast of Africa could develop into a depression, NHC says

An area of easterly waves off the west coast of Africa has some chance of developing into a depression.

The FOX 35 weather team is always tracking the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. While the Caribbean and Gulf are quiet at the moment, there is some movement along the western coast of Africa. An area of easterly waves could become a depression, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) reports.

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They said that the environmental conditions for the area are expected to be somewhat conducive for additional development to occur. They forecast a 60 percent chance of development over the next two days and 60 percent over the next five days.

The area is currently said to be moving westbound at about 15 mph. Early forecast models show that it could approach the Windward Islands and then go north but it is too early to tell, as anything could happen at this stage of development.

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If the area of easterly waves develops into a named storm, it will be called Josephine.

Two hurricanes have formed in the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane season so far. Hurricane Hanna formed and lashed the Texas Gulf Coast in late July. Hurricane Isaias formed soon after and caused damage to the eastern United States coast.

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