Zoom backgrounds feature Orlando

Chances are you’ve used the video-conferencing program Zoom this month, and at this point, you’re getting bored. Steven Madow has a solution.

“It’s be pretty cool to put my own pictures in the [Zoom] background,” he said Tuesday.

Anyone familiar with Zoom knows you can add a digital background to your screen during a call. Madow, a professional photographer, took his own glamour shots of Orlando and put them up on his Zoom backgrounds.

He has five backgrounds total on his website, free to download with anyone with a Mac or PC. They include four still frames, like the City Soccer Stadium or the downtown skyline, and one moving video of Lake Eola.

“I think it probably beats what's in the background. Normally if I were to take this background off you'd probably see messy room within my house, open closet door, my wife walking in the background.” said Madow.

To download, go to StevenMadow.com and click “Orlando Zoom downloads” on the top right screen. Then download your favorite backdrop. Open Zoom. Click the up arrow next to “Stop Recoding” on the lower left hand side. Click on the option to choose a digital background. Then click the plus sign on the right hand side under the video and choose your upload. Once it downloads, click the picture and you have your backdrop.

“Orlando is such a close community we are really the right size to be that close community and this is just another way for people to be able to come together to celebrate Orlando even though we have to be physically separated.“