Zimmerman threatens to press charges in altercation

Seminole County deputies were called to the Corona Cigar Bar in Lake Mary, after George Zimmerman says he was a victim of battery.  

"This black man just came up to me and put his hands on me [expletive]," Zimmerman told a 911 dispatcher.  "Was this person physical with you?," the dispatcher asked. "Yeah, he came up and hit me on the shoulder twice," Zimmerman responded.

Investigators say they investigated, decided there had been no crime, just a friendly gesture. They say clearly Zimmerman was involved in some sort of dispute.  Their report quotes another patron, as accusing him of using a racial slur.

Zimmerman contacted FOX 35's Valerie Boey on Thursday to insist that he was the victim and that the incident stemmed from one of his female friends being touched inappropriately.

Deputes have sent the complaint over to the state attorney to decide if any charges should be filed.