Woman pays it forward after act of kindness

An Osceola County woman says her life was changed after receiving a random act of kindness.

"I never pray, and I prayed yesterday morning," says Kissimmee mom Cassandra Orozco.

She recently lost everything and with little faith left she said a prayer Tuesday morning.

"You know what I need. Just please give it to me," she prayed.

Then hours later, she says God responded.

"I was like 'Whoa, what is this?'"

Cassandra thought as she looked at a gift card taped on her gas pump.

"Oh my goodness. Is that for me?"

Cassandra says she looked around the gas station in disbelief, then took a picture of the gas pump and gift card for social media. Cassandra has been rebuilding her life. She only has a few bucks left to her name and a 2-year-old to take care of, but unbeknownst to her, it would be a different child inspiring her.

"To be blessed by someone who doesn't want anything in return. It is amazing, ya know? I want Eleanor-Josephine's memory to live on forever," Cassandra tells the News Station.

"Anytime you lose someone, everyone fears that they're going to be forgotten," says Natalie Visage.

She's Eleanor-Josephine's mother. After nine months, Eleanor was stillborn on Sept. 11, 2015 -- Tuesday would have been her third birthday. In order to make sure her daughter is never forgotten, Natalie decided to take action in her daughter's name.

"She's not here to make an impact on the world, and I want to make sure that she could still do that."

So Natalie gathered donations and performed acts of kindness on her daughter's birthday. She bought gift cards at different stores, made kits for the homeless, and even honored first responders.

"We bought some pizza for a local fire station because with it being 9/11, not only is it an important day for me, but it's also an important day for our country... You hope that by putting kindness out there, it'll inspire someone else to also put some kindness out there."

Natalie says of her good deeds, and Cassandra says she plans to pay it forward once she's back on her feet.

"It definitely will live on forever with me, and I hope she had a happy birthday in heaven and may she rest in peace."

Natalie also placed money inside people's purchases, and paid the meals of random strangers.