Woman lists ‘manatee-shaped’ chicken tender on Facebook Marketplace for $5,000

A Harambe-shaped Cheeto and a banana duct-taped to a wall were just some of the avant garde pieces to go to auction for imaginative buyers in the recent past. Not to be outdone, 2020’s addition to any eccentric collection hit the marketplace this week: A “manatee-shaped” chicken tender for a cool $5,000.

Listed by Melinda Disbrow in Tampa Bay, Florida, on Facebook Marketplace under the “Antiques & Collectibles” category, the chicken tender was described as being in “new” condition. 

Disbrow urged prospective buyers not to discount her rare offering: "Must see to appreciate," she wrote.

The post was taken down the same day it was advertised, meaning either a buyer was found, or the original owner couldn’t help themselves and devoured the manatee masterpiece. 


The manatee tender was posted on Facebook Marketplace for $5,000.

While $5,000 seems like a high price for such a commodity, it is just one of many “priceless” items that — like the ad says — must be witnessed to be believed.

In December 2019, A banana duct taped to a wall in an art gallery at Art Basel in Miami sold for $120,000. The tantalizing and treasured artifact was quickly undone by a passerby who took the banana down from the wall and ate it.

In 2017, a “Flamin Hot Cheeto” resembling the likeness of Harambe the gorilla surged from its opening bid of $11.99 to $99,999 within a week.

The seller of the manatee tender did not immediately respond to questions about her one-of-a-kind nugget.