Windermere Prep parents want immediate notification when threat occurs

Some parents of children who attend Windermere Preparatory School tell FOX 35 News that the school needs to notify parents immediately, during any type of threat.  

According to Orange County sheriff's deputies, a student was investigated on Monday for making a school threat on social media.  Parents claim the school was too slow in telling them about the threat, having received an email about the incident on Monday afternoon – after it all went down in the morning.

According to deputies, the social media post referred to a school massacre. A Windermere Prep spokesperson said the school places the "highest priority on the safety and security of our students and staff" and acted quickly. 

"On being alerted to a potential incident yesterday morning, we urgently implemented our protocol and our on-site law enforcement officers quickly determined there was no threat, and the person in question was removed from campus and charged," read a statement from the school. "We have taken this matter very seriously and would like to thank law enforcement for their swift action and our students, their families, and our teachers for their support and understanding."

Parent Cari Brinckerhoff said she thought the school handled it properly. "They sent out letters, emails notifying us that there wasn’t a direct threat on campus," she added.

"If I had little kids there, yes, I would have been more concerned, but since he’s a junior in high school I was not that concerned," said parent Cari Brinc Kerhoff.

Windermere Prep is a private school.  As far as threats at public schools in Orange County, a spokesperson with the school district told us that they notify parents immediately, even if something is deemed "not a threat." We asked parents and students from other schools how what they would like to see. 

"I want to be there exactly when something goes on for her safety," said parent Antonio Rodriguez.

"I would like to know as it’s happening," parent Sessi Gangoni told us. "At the same time for sure." 

Student Aria Salgado agreed.  "They should know about everything that happens. It’s a big deal for something very small."

We asked Windermere Prep officials if they would notify parents immediately if another threat occurs. We're still waiting for an answer.