Wesley Chapel family surprised to see bobcat in their backyard

For the first time, a Wesley Chapel family set their eyes on a bobcat – and it all happened in their own backyard.

Celisse Smith observed the small bobcat scoping the perimeter in her Seven Oaks neighborhood, and captured it all on video Wednesday. She told FOX 13 it looked like it was on the prowl, maybe even for a rabbit that has been spotted in the preserve recently. 

“I’ve heard about other people in our area seeing [bobcats],” she said, “but this was a first for us!”

In the video, Smith is heard advising her son, 7-year-old Rowan, to get indoors if he ever sees one.

“I’ve heard that bobcats typically stay away from humans unless they feel like they are in danger,” Smith said. “I’m just going to keep away if I see one!”