'We are working with fear': Orlando gas station shot at on 2 separate nights

A gas station owner in Orlando says his store has been shot at on two separate nights in the last two weeks, and he's concerned that it's going to happen again.

The owner of the Citgo gas station at Curry Ford Road and Fredrica Drive in Orlando says someone shot into his store twice in the last two weeks. 

Thankfully, both instances happened when the store was closed.

"My wife, my family, and my customers we’re all worried about our safety and security," said the owner Bhaveshkumar Patel. "We are working with fear."

Orlando police said officers responded to both incidents and detectives are investigating. 

Patel would like to see extra patrolling in the area. He and his wife, who own the store, say they're between a rock and a hard place.

"Our family security is a priority, but we can’t just stay home and not work. So, it's very difficult to pick and choose. We can’t just say we don’t want to work for our safety," Patel said. "We are working hard day and night to provide a better future for our family, but these people are not making it easy for us."

Patel said he feels like they're being targeted, but says he doesn't know why. 

He says they haven't seen any other crime at their business in recent years.