Watch: Black bears invade Altamonte man's trash, takes pizza slice

One man's trash is another bear's meal?

On two occasions this week, viewer Tim Hoover said he spotted two black bears snooping around his home in Altamonte Springs, near SR-434 and Montgomery Road – and both times were caught on video!

In one video, a bear is seen rummaging through one of his trashcans in his porch and pulls out – trash? Kind of – but a leftover slice of pizza. Moments later, a  second bear – seemingly hungry, too – looks for his own meal but isn't as lucky.

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The same bears appear to come back to Hoover's home two days later on Thursday night, looking for another bite.

"And then last night, I’m sitting there. I’m like, wife had gone out this morning and said the trashcan was knocked over. I’m like, ‘oh no. Guess what? We had visitors again last night.’ So I went back through the video and sure enough, about 11:20, here they come," Hoover said.