Video shows man coughing on protesters yelling ‘Black don’t matter’

Video has surfaced on social media showing a man coughing on anti-racism demonstrators in Utah.

The footage was reportedly shot in Kanab, Utah on Oct. 10. In the video, a man, who identifies himself to the person filming as Robert Brissette, begins yelling profanities at anti-racism protesters.

He is heard yelling, "I hate all you Democrats. Black lives don’t matter. All lives matter," before coughing on several people in attendance.

Brissette proceeds to cough on a demonstrator who confronts him. Several demonstrators can be seen in the video punching Brissette who continues to cough on them before walking back to his vehicle. 

As he walks back to his car, the protesters begin to chant "take your hate somewhere else!"

Following the altercation, Brissette reportedly created a GoFundMe that was eventually removed, according to Storyful. 

In the GoFundMe, Brissette wrote that he was "attacked by BLM supporters" and was facing five charges.

"I need help to clear my name against these race-baiting protesters," the page read.

He was seeking $10,000 to cover legal costs.

Brissette did not immediately respond to comment but he posted on Facebook, "Okay to all. do not believe partial Videos they do not tell the hole [sic] story. A group will only post what they want you to believe."

Storyful contributed to this story.