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Our new Scion in Orlando offer some of the most advanced features for your safety and convenience. One of the features you can find on most of our Scion cars is cruise control. Have you ever used this technology in your ride? If so, you may have noticed how convenient it can be. If you haven’t used it yet, however, we’re sharing how you can get most from this technology!

Toyota Scion of Orlando shares the benefits of this feature

Before we get into how to use cruise control, you may be wondering what this feature does. It’s a device in your Orlando Scion that can be used to maintain a constant speed. This feature automatically controls your car’s throttle for you, so you can take your foot off the gas pedal – all you have to do is steer! 

This feature can be very handy while behind the wheel of your Orlando Scion. Why might you want to use cruise control?

  • It can take some of the work of driving off your hands, so you can relax a little while behind the wheel of your Orlando Scion! It’s especially helpful when taking long drives, so your leg doesn’t get fatigued from pressing the gas pedal.
  • Using cruise control on an open and flat road can even help you save gas. Your car gets the best fuel efficiency when maintaining a constant speed, which is why you can get better mpg when using this feature!

Find out how to use cruise control in your new Scion

If you’ve never used cruise control, you may be wondering how it works. Using this feature in your Orlando Scion is easy! We’re sharing three easy steps for using this device.

Step 1: Set the speed 

The first thing you need to do is get your new Scion in Orlando to the speed you want to go. This is the speed you’ll be set at once you turn on your cruise control, so be sure you’re not going too low or too fast!

Step 2: Activate this technology

Next, you need to turn on your cruise control. Most vehicles have a lever or button on the steering wheel to activate this feature. Hold your foot on the gas pedal until you’re at a steady speed and then activate it! Once it’s on, you can take your foot off the pedal and you’ll notice your car maintains its speed. 

Step 3: Deactivate this feature

Once this device is on, it’s easy to deactivate. If the cars in front of you slow down or you just don’t need this feature anymore, simply tap the brakes or put your foot on the gas pedal. This will turn this device off automatically. Don’t forget you’re in charge of the throttle again once it’s off!

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